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The Album Leaf play CT tonight; and how they grew on me

August 11, 2010

ALL THAT YOU CAN'T LEAF BEHIND: The Album Leaf play Milford, CT tonight.

MP3: The Album Leaf – Red Eye
FROM: Into The Blue Again

The first time I chanced upon The Album Leaf was in a record shop in New York City a few years back. But it wasn’t a stumble and fall so much as it was an episode of brutal record clerk rape.

The nerdy guy with the inch-thick glasses behind the counter told me I couldn’t buy the other handful of CDs I was trying to pay him for unless I also got The Album Leaf’s Into The Blue Again record. I needed it, he said. And I specifically remember Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros Global A Go-Go being in that stack, so it’s quite unfair how forced I was into the purchase of a record from a band I never heard of before.

But the packaging was rad. And the record label was Sub-Pop. And the clerk was obviously so profoundly in love with it (it was a used copy; not like he had to meet some sort of quota for the Album Leaf or anything). And it’s not like I’m chicken. So dare, I did. Plus he started going on about Sigur Ros, and Telefon Tel Aviv and Explosions In The Sky and was treating me like a human degradation for knowing of those bands, but not Album Leaf. And looking back, I see why that would give someone a minor hemorrhage. Read more…


Glassjaw’s cardboard ultimatums – the truth is out there

July 31, 2010

Why am I getting g-mail from Cardboard City?

>>MP3: Glassjaw – You Think You’re John Fucking Lennon
<<FROM: The yet to be announced album this may or may not be a tease for (unreleased)

>>MP3: Glassjaw – The Number No Good Things Can Come Of (Beat Scientific Remix)
<<FROM: Another Daryl Palumbo side project record that didn’t quite see light of day that would have been called ‘Student of the Drums‘ and probably would have been really fucking good (unreleased)

I don’t know what’s more disturbing about this postcard(board) I found in my mailbox earlier this week.

The fact that Glassjaw (presumably Glassjaw, anyway- that ‘g’ is quite unmistakable, as is the Cardboard City reference) are sending out nerdgasmic postcards of cardboard, or the fact that Glassjaw has my new address in Connecticut.

I did not call them and inform them of my move earlier this year, and I can’t think of how they would where to snuff me out. I mean, I would have informed them of my address change if I knew they’d be sending out cards with cutout g’s in them to keep teasing me with the slippery prospect of a new album that is more of a unicorn than an album I’m expecting to hear any time soon. But I think it’s pretty obvious what’s happening here. I’m being tailed by Glassjaw. And there is no distance I can go to outrun them. There is no place to hide. My days are numbered, and Glassjaw are counting them down.

So if you’re with me, and you also got one of these, be mindful. Keep an eye in your rear view. Peak out your blinds before you turn in. Lock your doors. Don’t use your phones, they’re probably tapped. If you can reach your parents, somehow, let them know you love them. We don’t yet  know what it means, but Glassjaw is most certainly up to something. And we probably are not safe.

What do you think it all means? The truth is out there.

Also, mysterio-marketing is a beautiful thing.

Hugh Hefner wants to make his parts private- but how relevant is Playboy in 2010?

July 13, 2010

This is not the kind of man who thinks less is more.

<<MP3: Queen – “I Want It All”
>>FROM: The Miracle

We all knew that Hugh Hefner enjoys, and has made a frackin fortune off of, private parts.

But who knew he’d want to buy back every brick of his mighty empire from share holders to privatize Playboy at the age of 84? From the sounds of things, nobody. A very private man, that Hugh Hefner.

Read more…

COVER FILE: To those who helped me take the weight off

July 12, 2010
>>MP3: The Gaslight Anthem – “The Weight” (The Band cover)
<<FROM: Live solo acoustic session with Q101.1 (unreleased)

There’s no other way to say it; I’m really stoked about my life right now. And this fantastic, sparse version of the campfire sing-a-long classic by The Gaslight Anthem‘s Brian Fallon is what that feels like.

Read more…

THE COVER FILE: It’s getting hot in herre..

July 7, 2010

That expression will never be hot, however.

>>MP3: Jill Sobule – Hot In Herre (Nelly cover)
FROM: unreleased! But check out Jill’s website and buy some of her stuff.

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to blog today. You see, it’s so hot and stinking humid up here in the north east corner of our fine country that I was fairly certain I’d come home to find my laptop had melted. Thankfully, it didn’t come to that. Yet, my apartment feels like the kitchen at a creole restaurant in New Orleans. In August. Which, if you look it up, isn’t exactly a place to build an igloo.

So what I’m saying is, it’s really hot. And so is this song. So take off all your clothes.

Aw heck, here’s a bonus to keep the party going..

>>MP3: Beck – Hot In Herre (Nelly cover, performed live @ the Union Chapel in London, 2003)
FROM: unreleased! Recorded live at the Union chapel in London, 2003. Beck’s website is awesome, btw. His mixes are great.

..Wait, what the hell ever happened to Nelly, anyway? (pause for Wikipedia search..) How bout that; dude is working on a new album called Nelly 5.0. Interesting.

USA Soccer: Kicking jams and taking names

June 23, 2010

USA wins. Get a kick out of that.

DOWNLOAD: The Presidents of the United States of America – “Kick Out The Jams” (MC5 cover)
FROM: The Presidents of the United States of America (s/t)

Our gulf coast might be gurgling oil. But doesn’t mean we can’t win a soccer game or two.

In World Cup action, the U.S. Soccer team took home the 1st place crown from Group C. It took 90 minutes of a scoreless game (plus 80 years of not winning it) before we could say that sentence. But that’s cool. And Bill Clinton was in attendance at today’s game too. From what I understand he’s done a lot more scoring. Oh, I kid. And so.. The Presidents of the United States of America cover the MC5 classic, “Kick Out The Jams.” Some things just make perfect sense.

Also, I like posting sports posts. It makes my day when I can tag something as “I thought SPORTS was a Huey Lewis album?

New Drums album means okay, it’s summer time

June 22, 2010

I mean, hey, if you can find ocean water that has yet to be BP-ed, surf's up dude. Summer time.

DOWNLOAD: The Drums – “Forever and Ever Amen”
FROM: The Drums ($7.99 mp3 album via Amazon) .. (or if you really want a physical copy, you can import it for a few extra shiny pennies)

Summer started yesterday. And with a new Drums album in tow for this year’s solstice, I think it’s only fair to expect a new Drums album every single summer for the rest of my life. All the windows down and surf’s up goodness you can handle, brah. And happy birthday, mom.