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Hugh Hefner wants to make his parts private- but how relevant is Playboy in 2010?

July 13, 2010

This is not the kind of man who thinks less is more.

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We all knew that Hugh Hefner enjoys, and has made a frackin fortune off of, private parts.

But who knew he’d want to buy back every brick of his mighty empire from share holders to privatize Playboy at the age of 84? From the sounds of things, nobody. A very private man, that Hugh Hefner.

The interesting twist to this development, however, is his main competitor, Penthouse, has expressed pointed interest in outbidding Hefner for his own company. And if that were to happen, well…talk about getting fucked.

But I have to ask, what is Playboy‘s relevance in this day and age?

Sure, I remember discovering the fantastic joy of boobies in my dad’s stack of Playboys as a curious little rascal. And sure, I know there are some gentlemenly gentlemen out there who do actually pick up the glossy magazine for the articles, famed interviews, and taste-making reviews. And sure, you could argue the photography and modeling is a high society form of art. And yes, there will always be a party at the Playboy Mansion worth attending.

But Playboy strikes me as such a 20th century brand. Just take a look around, does my generation actually give a shit about Playboy and its future preservation, despite our warm and fuzzy child hood memories of it? I don’t see it. We don’t really look to magazines for taste-making, like our folks did/do. And frankly, the monster of the internet has devoured the lure of Playboy’s softcore pin ups and crapped it out in the bushes behind the trailer park down the street. I mean, it used to be a big deal when a celebrity would grace the cover for a intimate photo shoot, right? In 2010- no one cares. We’re more infatuated in things that are less controlled, stuff that makes us feel we’re looking at something we shouldn’t:  leaked “sexts” of celebrities hacked from their cell phones and celebrity sex tapes. Basically, if video killed the radio star; the internet killed the pinup m0del. Plus, we live in a very strange age of vanity where there is way more plastic in the hips, tits, and lips of today’s women then there were in the 90’s.

I’m not saying there isn’t a place for Playboy in today’s society. I’m saying it doesn’t fit into today’s world as is. Not in the long term, anyway. And I’m not saying Playboy needs to grease the elbows and dirty its knees. But it needs to rethink what purpose it serves to the people. Maybe making it’s very public parts private is exactly what it needs. Or maybe it does need to be snatched away from Hugh?

And for fun..

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